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Laurent Robert Interview 16

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 05.11.01

Thanks to your 3 -0 defeat of Villa, you find yourselves in 4th position in the table, just 3 points behind Leeds, it was a good achievement.

Oh yes, we did the business ! Like I told you last week, we had to win this match at all costs to stay up in the top positions of the table, we won at Everton and we had to do the same at home against the league leaders, we did it, and did it well. We took the three points with style.

Can you take us through the match?

We were really in the match, unlike our last game at home. I dont know what Villa's problem was, but they were having real problems in marking us. We were pushing forward really hard, the defence was strong and the return of Robert Lee in midfield was a really good thing, and the understanding between him and Gary Speed was perfect, the ball was being passed around really well, it was a pleasure to watch.

A word on the goals?

The first came from my side, I put the ball in the middle for Elliot and he found Bellamy who scored. On the second, Alan Shearer scored a fantastic goal on the volley right into the top corner. And Bellamy hit the target for the second time in the game for the last goal.

Last week you were suffering with tonsillitis, how were you feeling during the game?

I thought I had a good game for someone who had a 40 deg fever that meant I could not train during the week (laughs). I played in attacking as well as defensively and I was happy with myself. The person who said in the 'forum' that I had a quiet game mustn't have seen the same game as I did ! (laughs)

In any case you now have a two week break before the next game against Fulham....

Yes, I'll be able to have a bit of a rest. I took full advantage of it yesterday and took a flight to Montpellier. The weather has been fantastic It's a little cloudy today but it's ok. I will stay here until Friday, then back to training Saturday morning. 

Sunday is another day off though, then back to work on Monday for training. I'm in a car right now, so I really must leave you. Bye.

Page last updated 24 June, 2009