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Laurent Robert Interview 17

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 13.11.01

With the different international matches that took place last week, you took the opportunity to have a few days in Montpellier, how did you occupy yourself with the break?

I really rested a lot, as I was very ill the week before I felt like I
really needed a break, so I had a quiet time at home, with my wife and
kids. Today I feel really good. The little health problems are forgotten.

Did you watch the Australia - France game ?

I only saw the end of the game, I had to watch the last quarter of an hour
at the end of my bed, as the game was shown at 10 o clock, I was'nt up yet. I learnt that Dugarry got injured, and of what I could see, it was a bad foul.

During this time, some Newcastle players were in Spain. Did you hear anything of this training period?

No, not really. I only know that it was an opportunity for the lads to
recuperate. They were staying in Jerez, in the same hotel that we were
staying in with PSG earlier this year, As there's a lot of golfers in the
team, they were able to amuse themselves a little.

Why didn't you go?

The boss let me to chose what I wanted to do, he said " Laurent, you can do what you want, either you come with us, or you spend some time with your family" and I chose the second option.

How did the training session go last Saturday?

In the end, I didn't return to training on Saturday. My son was suffering
with problems in both ears, and he couldn't fly in that state, so we came
back on Sunday evening and I got back into training yesterday morning.

So, what did you do in training then?

We worked very, very hard. We did a lot of physical training in the morning, with, and without the ball, Yesterday afternoon, I was in the gym, and today I finished off in the gym towards the end of the morning.

What's the plan for tomorrow?

We have a rest day, as we have expended a lot of energy since Monday, and from Thursday the team should reassemble so we can leave for Fulham on Friday. Cheers.

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