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Laurent Robert Interview 9

Taken from his own official (French Language) website 29.9.01

How would you analyze the 2-0 defeat by Liverpool on Sunday?

Since the start of the season we've been good 1 in every 2 matches, we had a big game against Leicester then faced Liverpool 3 days later, but we lost our way a little, its difficult to explain it, but that's the way it is. The game could not have gotten off to a worse start, as they scored in the first three minutes. I don't know why, but I had the impression that we took this game a little too lightly, and Liverpool took profit from this. We were forced to push forward, but were unable to convert any of the crosses I swung in during the first half. We played well with the ball, but in the second half instead of continuing in this direction we threw the ball forward without any construction, and as Liverpool are strong at the back, they took every ball on the head. It's a shame as we really had chances to equalize. We managed to run at them with speed a few times but the defense held strong.

But how is it that you played the long ball instead of playing it on the ground so you could run with the ball?

I really don't know. although the coach demanded that the players played the ball to me more often. I didn't get one decent chance to score a goal, and as I said I managed to get a few crosses in the box during the first half, but in the second half I was fouled on a few occasions, consequently I won a few free kicks, but I was unable to take advantage.

Its a delicate period for Newcastle at the moment, you've lost 2 out of your last 3 matches, what's going wrong at the moment?

The consistency, we play one good match every two, and its not normal, we really must ask ourselves if we want to have a role in the championship or not.

Are you beginning to have any doubts?

It's only the beginning of the season, so we shouldn't panic, but it's obvious that we have to continue to work hard in training, and be more ruthless on the pitch, and if we keep going that way, then we'll be able to achieve good things this season.

What did Bobby say to you after the match?

He was very disappointed in my opinion, he had to convene certain players to have a discussion with them.

The coming weekend is reserved for international football what do you have planned?

I am off to Montpellier to see my family and relax a little, it will also give me a chance to see some sunshine....

How has the team been organizing itself since Monday?

We had a training session on Monday morning, We were relaxing yesterday, and this morning we got back to training, and this afternoon were off again. Thursday morning we train again, then it's already the weekend, all in all its been an easy week, we'll talk again next Monday. Cheers.

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